Hanks Plumbing is known for being fair and practical. If there’s a simple problem that doesn’t need a professional visit, they will tell you. To prove it, here’s are some simple plubming fixes you can take care of yourself :

Water Heaters

It’s been a while since I’ve had a plumber look at my water heater. Do I need to have a plumber come perform some routine maintenance?

First, have a hose attached to the bottom of the water heater spigot. Then, simply turn the valve on and let the high pressure of the water heater flush out any possible sediment build up. Just a few minutes is all you need. Second, a visual inspection of the water fittings is also recommended. Simply look at the supply lines for any water leakage or sediment build up that may be cause for concern. If you see sediment or water, you may want to call a plumber for a professional opinion.

Why do we run out of hot water so quickly?

The most likely reason why hot water runs out too quickly is because the supply dip tube is malfunctioning or broken. Most people will need to contact a plumber to repair this. Depending on the age of the tank, you may be able to get it repaired.

Why is there a water leak under my water heater?

Water under water heater could mean several things. One being that your water heater has developed a pin hole, and would need replaced by a Licensed Plumber. Secondly if water is coming from the side safety valve, this typically is caused from too much pressure in the home or a faulty expansion tank.

Tankless Water Heaters

What is a tankless water heater?

This is a wall boiler that as you call for hot water a high BTU burner kicks on and heats the water as it passes through the heat thus not needing to store hot water in a traditional tank.

How does cold water affect my tankless water heater?

Different brands of tankless heaters have different water temp rises. Typically a 200k BTU tankless has about a 60 degree temp rise at 4-6 GPM.

Why do I have any hot water when I open the tap?

Gas may have been turned off earlier in the day and water heater had not been re lit. If this is the case, simply re light water heater. It is also possible the gas valve has failed and you will need to call a licenced Plumber.

Water Softeners

What signs should I look for that show my water softener needs service?

Softener Salt not going down could be a sign of needing to call for a service. Salt starting to crystalize on the outside of tank usually is a sign of a replacement

How do I determine if the brine tank needs cleaning?

Stinky stale water is a sign that you could clean out the tank. Simply empty tank, clean with some bleachy water. Rinse, and add new Salt pellets.


Why does the toilet keep running?

First thing to check is the Flapper. Add few drops of any color of food coloring in the tank, if water in the bowl starts to turn the color of the tank, you would want to replace the flapper.

How do I unclog a toilet?

If a standard plunger will not unclog the toilet, you may need to call a Licensed Plumber.

What do I do if my toilet leaks at the base?

First fill the back under side of the toilet tank for any water, second fill around the water supply valve and supply for leakage. If these are clear of water, you will need to pull and reset toilet. You may need to call a Licensed Plumber.

Garbage Disposals

What should I do if my garbage disposal isn’t working?

First, Check the reset button on the bottom of the disposal and press in. Second, if the disposal hums and does not turn, you will need to insert an Allen wrench or the disposal wrench. The disposal wrench may be under the sink already. Insert the key into the bottom center opening of the disposal. Give it a turn, and see if you can manually turn the disposal (turn the disposal blade?). If these steps do not help, give us a call.

What should I avoid putting in my garbage disposal?

Any peelings are very disruptive on disposal and the pipe system. Absolutely no grease down the disposal or any sink drain.

Can you use a garbage disposal with a septic tank?

You can, there are product additives that are exactly for this purpose.

Can I use drain cleaner in a sink that has a garbage disposal?

It's recommended to use a drain cleaner down the opposite side of the disposal. Chemicals can affect the disposal rubber seal.

Kitchen Sink Faucets

What causes the faucet to leak?

This could be that you will need a new faucet cartridge. There are several kinds of faucet brands which all use different cartridges and parts. If you can find a faucet makers mark and or model you will need this to get the correct faucet repair parts.

How do I restore water flow to my faucet?

This 8 out of 10 times is the aerator at the end of the faucet spout. You will simply screw out the existing aerator and clean out the gunk, replace and test. If this does not work you may need to call a Licensed Plumber.

When should I replace my kitchen faucet?

If you are tired of looking at your old faucet you may need to up do to a new faucet. On a more serious note if the faucet looks like it needs to be replaced it probably needs to be replaced.

Bathroom Sink Faucets

What can I do about a leaky faucet?

This could be that you will need a new faucet cartridge. There are several kinds of faucet brands which all use different cartridges and parts. If you can find a faucet makers mark and or model you will need this to get the correct faucet repair parts.

Tub Faucets

What do I do if the tub handle (single or two handle) is leaking?

Figure out the make and model and then proceed. This usually will require a Licenced Plumber.

Why is the water coming out of my tub faucet a rusty-brown color?

If your tub/shower has not been used for weeks brown water could come out. This is from water simply taking on the minerals from the water standing in place for extended period of time.

If this becomes an all the time thing, this is a tall tale sign that if your home water system is galvanized you may need to call in a Licenced Plumber for a professional opinion.

What should I do if water is leaking from behind the wall of my tub/shower valve?

This is Usually from the Cartridge leaking out the handle and running down the wall. This will require you to change cartridge and usually you would need to call a Licensed Plumber.

Shower Heads

Why does water come out of my shower head and the spout at the same time?

If Valve that is installed in the wall was installed upside down, water will come out of both the spout and shower head. Most valves are ported that water is forced in the down position. This would need a licensed Plumber to properly diagnose.

What can I do if my shower water pressure is low?

Remove Shower head and clear out any gunk that may be blocking the outlet. As local law permits you could remove the restrictor in the shower head.

Exterior Hose Bibs

Do I need to disconnect my garden hose for the winter?

From October to March, it is very important to remove hoses of all kinds from hose bibs.

Recommend putting rolled up hosed into garage, or shed.

What can I do about a leaky hose bib?

With frostless hose bibs you may need to call a Licenced Plumber.

Unfinished Basement Plumbing

What plumbing do I need in place to install a basement bathroom?

Drain lines and Water lines will need to be properly placed as per local building codes. This will require a Licenced Plumber.

What preparation should I do to identify the do it yourself items vs. professional items when finishing my basement?

Each person will be different in deciding what they can DIY. I would recommend at least a professional opinion.

How do I determine where on my property the sewer lines are?

This Can be sometimes very difficult. There are sewer cameras that can be used with tracking that can map out your system. Would recommend calling a Professional for drain line mapping.

Renovation Plumbing

Are there certain parts of my home’s plumbing that needs to be renovated, replaced, or serviced after a certain amount of time has passed (e.g. certain pipes that would need to be replaced after 5, 10, or 20 years)?

Every system is different and even the same pipe system can age differently in different environments. A Professional opinion would be highly recommended for this before you started tearing up the system.

When I have a home project that requires multiple contracted professionals (e.g. carpenter, plumber, electrition, ect.), when should I schedule a plumber to do their part?

On the usual project Hvac, and Plumber will work to make sure the 2 systems can work in the same area. Electrical work usually is done last as it is easier for wires to flex around existing systems.

What factors should I consider when deciding to move a sink, toilet, or other plumbing within my home from its current location to a new location?

Price of the project would depend on if you have a budget for moving any fixture. Usually any fixture can be moved. A professional would want to be called in for these possibilities.

Kitchen Sink Drain Lines

What caution or advice would you give in regards to using chemical drain cleaners?

My Opinion is that in moderation and if using directions any of these chemical products are OK, and actually can be helpful in a lot of older systems.

What causes my drains get to get clogged?

Grease in the kitchen drain line is a huge problem. Tiniest of grease from dinner plates build up in the system over the years and eventually will plug the entire line. If your sink clogs, you will need to call a Licensed Plumber for drain cleaning.

Why do we have rusty water back up in the kitchen sink?

Old cast iron and galvanized systems when they start to plug will back up yucky water. This is a sign of time to call in a Licensed Plumber for a drain cleaning.

Laundry Drain Lines

How do you unclog a washing machine drain line?

This would take a drain machine, and you may need to call a licensed Plumber.

Why does my washer smell funny when I run it?

This is usually a sign that it may be time for a Drain cleaning. A Licensed Plumber may need to be called.

How do I hook up my washer to the laundry drain line?

If you have a washer stack pipe you simply put the washer drain pipe into the drain. Recommended that you zip tie washer pipe so that it can not easily come out of the drain.

Interior Gas Lines

What kind of work kind of work can a plumber do on my interior gas lines?

A licensed plumber is gas licensed and can do all gas piping.

How can I find the shut off valve for my main gas supply?

The Main gas meter has a Shutoff, and this meter is on the opposite side of the house from the garage, and is on the front corner or just around the corner from the front.

How can I tell if I have an interior gas line problem?

Gas has a distinctive smell and if you smell this you need to call the gas company immediately.

Main Water Valve

What should I do if my indoor water shutoff valve is leaking from behind the handle?

If the valve is a full turn valve (not a ¼ turn) you may simply tighten the nut directly behind the handle clockwise. 9 out of 10 times, this will stop leaking.

Where should my main water valve be located?

This does change but usually on the front side of the house. If you have a basement this would be about 4ft off the floor. You may have an access panel on the wall.

When would I need to shut off the main water valve?

If you have a water leak that is or could cause damage you should turn off main water, and call Licensed Plumber.

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